30 January 2015

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi – Special covers



A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by Civil Services Officers Institute – 30 January 2015


" ‘A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’ a solo exhibition by Ved Prakash Sharma, was held on 30th January 2015 on the occasion of the 67th Martyrdom Day of Gandhiji at Art Gallery, Civil Services Officers Institute, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Y P Anand, a practicing Gandhian and former Director, National Gandhi Museum, Delhi. A Special Cover was released to grace the occasion by Ms. Padmagandha Mishra, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices.  Mr. A. Annamalai, Director, National Gandhi Museum was observed as the Guest of Honor. This special cover and cancellation was designed by Virendra Sharma.


Mr. Sharma retired as an RAS officer after 38 years of Government of India service in 2010. He shared his prized collection of Mahatma Gandhi memorabilia which includes an autograph of Gandhiji given to his father Late Iqbal Singh Sharma in 1946 with slogan ‘Roz Kato’ on donating Re.1 towards the Harijan Fund.


On display is his priced collection on Philatelic issues from about 110 countries. The exhibition will be held from 30th Jan to 5th Feb 2015."

- Virendra Sharma - email : virsharma@yahoo.com

Special Cover : ROCPEX - 2015,  Homage to Martyrs - 30 January 2015.


A special Cover, giving homage to Martyrs, was issued at Tiruchirapalli on 30th January 2015 The Cancellation on the cover depicts Mahatma Gandhi and C. Rajagopalachari.


- Kasinath R – Tanjore - email : kasinath80@gmail.com


New stamps from India – Swachch Bharat



Date of Issue : 30 January 2015

The Minister for Communications & Information Technology, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad along with the Minister for Urban Development & Parliamentary Affairs Shri Venkaiah Naidu and the Minister for Rural Development Shri Chaudhary Birender Singh released Commemorative Postage stamps on the theme of Swachh Bharat to mark the Martyrdom Day of Mahatma Gandhi today..


Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad speaking on the occasion said the Government intends to make cleanliness a part culture of this country under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi . He pointed out that the design for the stamps were selected through a competition among the children on the theme. The Minister for Urban Development Shri Venkaiah Naidu also appreciating the idea said that if the practice of cleanliness catches with our children, it would spread as a mass movement in the country. He hoped that Swachhatha will become a Jan Andholan. Shri Chaudhary Birender Singh said the release of the stamps on the Martyrdom Day on this subject of cleanliness, which is very close to the heart of the Father of the Nation, is an apt tribute to him.

The Department of Posts, at a function this morning issued a set of these three Commemorative Postage Stamps on the theme of Swachh Bharat. Swachh Bharat Mission was launched by the Prime Minister on the 2nd October, 2014 on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This all encompassing Mission covering our surroundings seeks to achieve “Clean India” and aims to provide access to toilets to all households in the country, and making adequate arrangements for Solid and Liquid Waste Management.
Release of a set of three stamps and a miniature sheet on the theme Swachh Bharat is a part of this effort to achieve the vision of Clean and Healthy India.

Courtesy – PIB , Indian Philatelists Forum

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi



30 January – Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi


Philatelic Tributes to Father of Nation

Hong Kong 2015 – 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition Stamps




Sheet No. 1 : Date of Issue : 18 September 2014

This set of stamp sheetlets commemorates a major event among philatelists in the world - the 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20 to 23 November 2015. The Stamp Sheetlet series No. 1 was issued on September 18, 2014. Series No. 2 and 3 are for issue on November 20 and 23, 2015 respectively, to mark the grand opening and the closing day of the event respectively. The design of the sheetlets is unique featuring multiple fun at the exhibition.



Sheet No 2  Date of Issue : 20 November 2015


Sheet No 3 : Date of Issue : 23 November 2015


image Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed National Commissioner for HONG KONG-2015 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) going to be held from 20th November to 23rd November 2015.

Philatelists are requested to send  following details of the Exhibit they wish to participate with.

  1. Last Exhibition Participated
  2. Level of the Exhibition : International/Asian/International/State
  3. Award won in the exhibition
  4. No. of frames

Last date of complete forms to be sent to the National Commissioner  is 20th February 2015. Please contact:

Ajay Kumar Mittal

National Commissioner

​HONG KONG 2015​

D-57 South Extension Part-1
New Delhi-110049
Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311
Email :

29 January 2015

New Special Cover on Jainism


Shri Digamber Jain Siddhakshetra Muktagiri , Baitul – 29 January 2015



India Post issued a beautiful special cover and special cancellation on 29th Jan. 2015 at Baitul (M.P.) during the Philatelic Exhibition TAPIPEX - 2015. Special cover and special cancellation are related to famous Jain pilgrimage centre Shri Digamber Jain Siddhakshetra Muktagiri situated in the Baitul District.

- Sudhir Jain  - Satna (MP) : email : sudhirjain@unistar.co.in

Monograph - The Post Office Mauritius Stamps


Book Review



Monograph – The Post Office Mauritius Stamps by Col Jayanta Dutta and Dr Anjali Dutta , Published by The Army Philatelic Society L-335, Tarapore Towers, New Link Road Oshiwara, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053. Price Rs 35O - Contact email : doctorjayanta2009@gmail.com

image The recent Monograph by Col Jayanta Dutta and Dr Anjali Dutta is a comprehensive work on world famous rarest stamps of the world  “ The Post Office Mauritius stamps “. Every stamp collector must have heard about these famous stamps but might not know the whole story behind these stamps. Col J. Dutta and Dr Anjali Dutta have researched on the topic and wrote a wonderful Monograph on these stamps which all stamp lovers would like very much.

The first two postage stamps of Mauritius  issued in 1847, the so-called "Post Office" stamps, are of legendary rarity and value. They were the first stamps issued in any part of the British Empire outside of Great Britain. The unique cover bearing both “Post Office” stamps has been called "la pièce de résistance de toute la philatélie" or "the greatest item in all philately". On September 21, 1847, Mauritius issued two stamps, an orange-red one penny (1d) and a deep blue two pence (2d).The words "Post Office" appear in the left panel, but were changed to "Post Paid" in the following issue, and are the source of the stamps' common name. The "Post Office" stamps are among the rarest stamps in the world, and are of legendary status in the world of philately.

The monograph has color pictures of stamps and its rarest covers. The layout, design and printing of the book is excellent. The Monograph gives list of all the stamps and covers of the series with complete details. The historical story of these stamps  described in this  Monograph would be liked by all stamp lovers and it would be an asset in their collection. This interesting book is recommended to all stamp collectors as well as to  the libraries of  educational institutions.

Club News

Special Cover : Centenary of Vani Vilasa Sabha, Kumbakonam


A Special Cover was issued on 26 December2014 at Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu to celebrate Centenary of Vani Vilasa Sabha, Kumbakonam.



Stamp Exhibition


ROCPEX 2015 - Philatelic Exhibition 30 – 31 January 2015 January at Trichy.

-  Kasinath  R. – Tanjore

28 January 2015

St. Valentine’s Day – a day of love and sincere feelings



Date of Issue : 3 February 2015



Australian Post will release a set of stamps celebrating the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day. The issue consists of four stamps that will be put into circulation on the 3rd of February.


Stamp and Coin Cover

The heart is quite simply the most iconic love symbol of all. The exchange of heart-shaped Valentines is believed to have gained popularity in Victorian England.

This latest issue of stamps, for special occasions and everyday use, is a fresh and contemporary take on the subject of love and the love heart form. Each stamp presents a heart shaped object, floating in a panorama of blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

There is a heart shaped kite, skywriting smoke trail, hot air balloon and cloud. The stamps convey a sense that love is something limitless, uplifting and exciting; that love is about to happen; that love is in the air…

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